Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carnation Comeback

Don't call it a carnation comeback, but I've had quite a few requests in the last year or so for these "old fashion" flowers. 

I think the biggest reasons are the wide variety of colors (there are more options then even roses or gerber daisies), the fullness of the petals and they are inexpensive compared to other flowers which makes them super budget friendly. 

This full arrangement was made with light pink and white carnations with white hydrangea.

Pari's Bridal Bouquet had green hydrangea, orange dahlias, yellow sweetheart roses, purple phalenopsis, and orchid purple (which is closer in color to fuchsia) mini carnations.

If you are thinking about using carnations go for it! They aren't as "old fashion" as you may have remembered. When you are looking for large, full arrangements on a budget, or with a color flower that is hard to find, think about carnations.

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