Friday, February 25, 2011

Who doesn't love a Kissing Ball...

... or pomanders or flower balls, but doesn't kissing balls sound so much cuter?!?

They can be placed throughout the wedding ceremony or reception, or used as flower girl or bridesmaid's flowers as seen here.

You probably notice that most of these kissing balls are made of various sized roses. That is because they create a perfectly rounded look. But you can also incorporate carnations (I know, but they come in so many great colors) or hydrangea.

Often you see these flower balls hanging from either a Shepard hook or a aisle chair, but you can also create a topiary with with (as seen here), or place them in manzanita branch arrangements for an enchanted forest feel.

And of course they photograph so very well!

Up next... It's all about mini calla lilies...

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