Monday, March 21, 2011

Fresh and Lovely Green Flower Ideas

Inspired by two recent client meetings I wanted to show off some fresh and beautiful green flowers. Yes you can do a wedding with all green flowers, and yes, it will look beautiful!

The green cymbidium orchid bloom is one of the most popular and elegant green flower. They come with both a "clear" yellowish center, and a more commonly seen burgundy or pink center.

Bells of Ireland is not a commonly known green flower and looks great accenting green bouquets and centerpieces and is a "stock-like" cut flower.

Succulent are all the rage right now! Especially in Southern California where they are indigenous to the region and becoming more popular with eco-friendly brides and gardeners. I love them!

Poppy pods are tons of fun and make great funky boutonnieres as well as accents in other arrangements.

Hypericum berries, or coffee bean, come in peach, white, red, and green and are awesome filler flowers and help create tons of texture in your arrangements.

Spider mums are a fun flower on their own, or in bouquets. They also look great placed upon your guest napkin fold or menu card at your reception.

Button mums can also make cute boutonnieres and are popular green flower. They are also cost efficient for the budget conscious bride (and really, who isn't?).

Hydrangea are one of my absolute favorite wedding flowers! They come in some amazingly beautiful colors and can stand alone, or be placed in arrangements "peeking out" between other flower to create texture and fullness.

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