Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Alive 2011

So today was "installation day" for Art Alive and it's so awesome seeing all the amazing works of floral art created every year! Having done this a couple of years now it is also fun to see how people interpret the pieces of art differently too.

This year I picked Madonna of the Roses and as usual I go a more literal route. It must be the wedding florist in me that I want people to see the painting in the flowers-- or maybe I'm just not as schooled creatively.

Here are two arrangements that blew me away! They were not only structurally fabulous, but you knew right away what piece of art it belonged too (and trust me, that doesn't always happen).

If you can make it down this weekend, Art Alive runs Friday, April 29th-Sunday, May 2nd at the San Diego Musuem of Art in Balboa Park!

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