Sunday, April 24, 2011

St. Louis Blooms

So I am visiting my husband, Adam, and his family in St. Louis and am blown away by all the beautiful spring flowers just growing along the beltways, in the parks, the yards, etc... and I understand that I really missed the daffodils and tulips in full-bloom. I love all these beautiful spring blooms!

Bushes of Honeysuckle and Hydrangea are growing like crazy, especially with all the rain they have been getting.

These Lily of the Valley were blooming along a beltway down the street from my mother-in-laws. I cringe at what I spent back in San Diego last weekend on 10 stems of these little, sweet-smelling, blooms.

I'm not sure I have ever seen a Dogwood tree. The name doesn't do it justice... the whole tree is just one big cluster of flowers!

These are peony buds... 100s of them on three bushes! I couldn't believe it! And there are so many beautiful types of hyacinth, including the blue grape hyacinth.

I just loved all of these wild, spring flowers, but headed back to my native Southern California tomorrow where we too have some awesome, draught resistant, blooms...

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  1. awesome idea! good job on taking advantage of a trip to st louis.