Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Wine Themed Wedding

A number of brides love the dark eggplant purple for their wedding. Some brides and grooms are drawn to this color because of their love of wine (and I can't blame them!) and create a wine theme for their wedding day. Here are a few pics from today's wedding that I took and another from a wedding past to give you some inspiration...

This bride provided small glass, champagne grape clusters to wire into her bouquet. The look was discreet and perfect for the theme of the wedding. Added to that were dark purple lilac, white peonies, white French Tulips, white sweetheart roses, and variegated ivy which created a free-form hand tie bouquet that I truly loved!

A casually, elegant aisle arrangement is this bow of raffia with vines of ivy.

I feel like I hit the tulip jackpot when I saw this Black Hero French Tulip at the growers yesterday and bought the two bunches they had before anyone else could steal them away. The color matched the dark purple lilac that I used in the bridal bouquet perfectly and I couldn't have been more excited!

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